The jewel of the Ariake Sea, the Takezaki crab

Takezaki Hot Spring Ichifukusou is located on the border between Saga and Nagasaki prefectures on Takezaki Island, protruding into the Ariake Sea.
The whole island was formed on a solid bedrock created from a volcanic eruption several hundreds years ago. It is said that the harbor basin is a result of the eruption.

A famed Saga Prefecture delicacy, Takezaki crab is caught and landed at Takezaki Harbor and is known as the jewel of the Ariake Sea.
This type of Japanese blue swimming crab (also known as the gazami crab or horse crab), is caught year-round in the waters off Takezaki Island, providing a constant livelihood for local fisherman.
The bluish-olive colored Takezaki crab with its distinctive diamond shaped shell can grow close to 30cm across.
The egg-laying season is in spring and fall. The young crabs feed on small fish, shrimp, lugworm and algae as they grow in the tidal flats and seaweed beds of the nutrient-rich Ariake sea with its 6 meter ebb and flow.


Full of fresh seafood directly from the Ariake Sea

The speciality of Ichifukusou, we offer delicious full-course meals full of seafood such as Takezaki crab, Japanese tiger prawn, shiba shrimp, razor clams, oysters and pen shells freshly caught and landed at Takezaki Harbor every day.
Enjoy fresh full-course seafood meals unique to our harbor town including gizzard shad, known as growing fish as they change from kohada to konoshiro as they grow, Japanese sea bass and sea bream.
In particular, Takezaki crab boiled soon after being caught, has a fresh and juicy taste with luxurious amounts of crab meat, and is the speciality of Takezaki guaranteed by all local fishermen.
Tempura, kama-meshi (a rice dish cooked in a large iron pot) and zosui (risotto) have the rich flavors of the ocean. Kora-shu, Japanese sake mixed with crab paste, has a very rich taste and is loved by all gourmets.