Ocean's blessing "Takezaki kani"

"Ichifukuso" Takezaki hotspring is located at prefectural boundary between Saga and Nagasaki, and thrusted to Ariake ocean as it is island.
It is a volcanic island which was created a couple of hundred years ago, and island itself is made of the rock and rock base. The valley which is port now is being said a crater.

"Takezaki kani" which is a food brand of Saga is unloaded at Takezaki port and the blessing of Ariake ocean
It is a kind of Swimming crab (another name: Gazami) that you can get for a whole year at around Takezaki port, and the fisherman around Ariake ocean manage their business by this.
"Takezaki kani" is very characteristic that its shell is the color of green olives and an oblong diamond that it might reach to 30cm for maximum.
The egg-laying timing is spring and autumn, and the young crabs grow in tidal flats and seaweed beds, and small fish, shrimps and gokai grow as food in the Ariake Sea with a difference of 6m in ebb and flow, and they grow greatly in the nutrient-rich Ariake Ocean.

We will serve you with the seafood full course from starting "Takezaki kani" (crab) unloaded at Takezaki port.

Seafood of Ariake ocean

At "Ichifukuso" which has a good taste of seafood, you can taste the delicious full course of seafood such as "Takezaki kani" (crab) unloaded at the port every days, Prawn, Shiba shrimp, tagelus shellfish, oyster, and razor clam.
You can enjoy the seafood full course such as sashimi (raw fish) of spotted shad, sea bass, sea bream.
Especially, fresh Takezaki kani is excellent springy that the local people love it and it only can eat it in Takezaki.
Tempura, kamaboshi, risotto, etc. are also rich in the smell of seashore, and the shellfish sake bowl is a rich flavor with a foodie that tastes as it is entangled with shell miso.